Monday, November 1, 2010

Eye-Candy for Women: Men in their 40s

Far be it for me to sway your choice of Male Celebrity Hotties. This list and corresponding photos of testosterone toting sexies, (at 40-49) are aged to perfection and get my vote for tops in the "Eye-Candy" department!
These are in no particular order:
* Johnny Depp, 47
* Clive Owens, 46
* Blair Underwood, 46
* Jessie L. Martin, 41
* Shemar Moore, 40
* Morris Chestnut, 41
* George Clooney, 29
* Vin Diesel, 43
* Will Smith, 42
* Brad Pitt, 46
* Hill Harper, 44
* Ken Whisenhunt, 48
There's no shortage of handsome celebrity men and I don't discriminate so look for the next post with hotties in their 30s.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't look now...It's Lil Kim's little sister, SNOOKIE!

The other Kim (Kardashian) tweeted this pic of herself with Snooki (of Jersey Shore fame) and Jonathan Cheban of 'The Spin Crowd'. Snooki at her best looks like Lil Kim at her worst! Don't pretend not to notice the resemblance!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashion that Fits: Plus Size On the Runway

Knitwear designer Mark Fast uses Plus Models
Finally!  As a former model agent who lived through the "Super Model" era ('89 - '00), seeing models of all sizes grace the runways of New York last week, was monumental! Back in my day (that expression makes me sound like prehistoric man), plus size models were not only shunned by runway and editorial (magazine) production teams. Believe it or not, retail stores that specialized in plus-size women's apparel like Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, and Catos consistently booked my size 8 models for their catalogues. Not only were the core customers of these stores larger in size than the living manequins they hired for the shoot; they were also older.  Lane Bryant caters to women ages 35 - 55, yet they booked models from top agencies who were under 23. In a country where the average woman is a size 14, showcasing expensive designer garments on real woman and/or models with body types they identify with only makes "cents"!  Real women with real style and expensive taste in clothing equals "real" profits. Knowing all of this, one has to wonder why consumers didn't make a stink about this injustice long ago and why, in a capitalist society such as ours, retail industry financiers didn't encourage their designers to make this move sooner.
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